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Ezimax Technology

In a world where everything is moving towards digitalization; software has become a part of our lives. Every business, each customer, and everything in the digital world works because of software. So, it is essential to focus on using the right software. Because there are not very few fraud Software’s who steal your data, take money from you etc. So it is high time we should focus on quality assurance testing of software (QA testing) to know whether the use will be worth it for us.


What is Software QA and Testing?

Software testing is the process of investigation through which stakeholders are provided with information about the particular software and its quality along with the risks of implementing that software. Software QA testing services provide an independent and aim view of any software so that the user will clearly understand the positive and negative aspects of the same. Appreciating the software along with getting acquainted with the risks of using that software; these two are the aspects that every software testing Services looks up to.

Types of Software QA and Testing:

There are different software testing at various stages. Mention some of those below.

  • Installation testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Regression testing

Why are software Testing services necessary?

While developing software, there is a high value of both Software testing and Quality Assurance of the software. When software goes through this process, it ensures the superiority of that product (software).

Apart from the increased quality of the software, this process can also reduce maintenance costs and provides better usability along with increased functionality and many more. So, when the software is being produced, it is important to carry out both software testing and Quality assurance of software.

Software Testing Tools & Technologies We Use

Whether you want Mobile app testing, custom software testing, web application testing, independent software testing, manual and automation testing, etc. Ezimax Technologies, software testing company based in USA can do it all, using over 6+ years of knowledge and understanding of a range of latest testing frameworks, tools, and technologies.

  • SymbioTest
  • Jmeter/Blazemeter
  • XStudio
  • Log4j
  • Selenium
  • Loadrunner
  • MS Test Manager
  • AutoIt
  • QTP
  • Jira
  • Maven
  • Cucumber
  • Coded UI
  • Bugzilla
  • GIT
  • Jasmine
  • Appium
  • Quality Center
  • SVN
  • SpecFlow
  • TestComplete
  • Test Rail
  • TFS
  • Protractor
  • Gradel
  • TestNG
  • ReportNG
  • Sikuli