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PPC company in India, Ezimax Technologies is a team of Google ads certified PPC marketing experts in India. Our PPC services help you to get leads and a brand identity, and obtain instant web traffic from search engine quickly. We are a best PPC marketing services provider in Noida India with more than 6 years of experience in results-oriented PPC Marketing services for startups to enterprises businesses.

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PPC services

The forms of advertising have changed drastically in recent times. Now, companies and businesses have a wide choice when it comes to advertising products. Paid ads have been performing well in many business sectors. They provide the right information to the users and save time.

Type of Google Ads

  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Mobile App Ads

What are the challenges in hiring PPC services?

Many startups and businesses choose PPC services today. But they also face some challenges by choosing PPC services such as:

  • One cannot get the right set of keywords to promote business.
  • PPC services include many complex terms such as search query reports, negative keywords, and quality scores.
  • These services send traffic to the homepage of your website.
  • It is difficult to track the results of PPC services without depending on reports.
  • PPC ads are costlier than other forms of advertising.

We at Ezimax Technologies Pvt. Ltd offer supreme quality PPC services to every type of business. Our efficient marketing team removes hurdles of PPC ads and improves business functions.

How PPC advertising campaign works?

For every PPC Campaign strategy, there are several elements. It includes:

  • Keywords
  • Ad copy and other elements
  • Bid strategy
  • Calls to action
  • Landing pages
We follow the following process while working for your PPC:
Step 1. Choose the right keywords.
Step 2. Create the adds
Step 3. Optimize your landing page
Step 4. Set your bidding strategy
Step 5. Review, Report and Read
Ezimax Services

Why choose our PPC services?

We have worked with many clients in the past. Our PPC services have helped many new businesses to advertise their products. There are several reasons to choose our PPC services such as:

Makes your brand more visible

Makes your brand more visible

We help businesses to make their brand and products more popular with our PPC services. Customers will be aware of your brand and products with our paid ads.

Best keywords

Best keywords

We have an excellent team of marketing that helps in getting the best set of keywords. Our team suggests the keywords by which users can find your services easily.

Experts of PPC

Experts of PPC

Our company Ezimax Technologies Pvt. Ltd has a smart and talented team of marketing. These experts have a thorough knowledge of paid ads and marketing campaigns.

Reasonable rates

Reasonable rates

We provide affordable PPC services to small businesses and startups. You can also get customized packages of PPC services.

PPC Management Strategy Includes

Best Keyword Research
Google Ad Campaign Setup
Landing Page Design
Bid Management
Performance Report
Fraud Click Alert
Competitor Analysis
Professional Account Manager
Campaign Tracking & Management

Benefits of Google Advertising Services

Cost Effective
Pay Only When Click
Easy Management Ads
Remarketing Campaigns
Fast Results
Easy Tracking

Why Ezimax Technologies for google Ads Services in India?

Ezimax Technologies is the Leading PPC Services company in India which aims to grow your website traffic and also helps your increase sales with Ezimax PPC services in India. Our PPC experts understand your website well and decides which google ad campaign will best for your business that will help to improve sales and leads, bring more customers and help you to maximize your conversions.


Which PPC services does Ezimax Technologies Pvt. Ltd offer?

We at Ezimax Technologies provide a wide range of PPC services such as keyword suggestions, paid text ads, shopping campaigns, Conversion tracking, AD creation, and so on.

Why our PPC services are significant for startups?

As a leading ppc company we offers superior quality PPC ads to new businesses. Our PPC services help your customers to find the exact keywords. They also increase traffic on your website. Our services also help you to know what your competitors are doing in the market.

Is PPC service expensive?

You will Pay only when someone clicks or show your ads. The cost of PPC ads depends on quality score ranking. The cost will increase if you have a low score. On the other hand, the cost will reduce if you have a high-quality score ranking.

What does a negative keyword mean?

Negative keywords mean the keywords that protect your ads from irrelevant searches.

What are the various types of PPC services?

There are numerous types of PPC services such as Remarketing ads, display advertising, text ads, search advertising, and Shopping ads.