Business needs are compromised nowhere. We provide best Data Science services in India and USA. Our experts' team which includes machine learning experts, AI experts, programmers, developers, data scientists provide a unique solution to the needs of the enterprises.


Our Approach

Understanding the problem and requirements
With in-depth knowledge of business and data, Ezimax team works from the root to present a remarkably unique and satisfying solution to the problem.
Analyzing the data
The most crucial step in solving the clients’ needs is to analyze their data. Ezimax Data Science experts are devoted to getting actionable insights that can be applied directly to the existing deliberate analytics need of the client
Unique solutions
Clients have different sets of data so their solutions must also be different and unique. Ezimax team not only indulges in providing unique solutions but also customizable solutions.
Thinks outside the box
With the deep knowledge of business and data, our prime task is to tackle the problem from its roots and bring positive yet exceptionally remarkable growth in the businesses.

Ezimax data science

Our Data Science expert team is devoted to data science services to provide visible improvements to businesses regardless of their background.

We implement solutions using data science technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, deep learning, and using stats.


Data science consulting is a five-stage process that includes

  • Engaging the company CTO
  • Brainstorming with company SME’s
  • Collecting the data and modeling through coding strengths which may use python language
  • Visualizations and communications of finding
  • Following up on the projects accordingly

Our team works with professionalism at each stage to help the client grow their business and convert their data into revenue.


We deliver values to the companies by taking information that is nothing but data and interpret that data and then analyzes to create the final report.

We use business intelligence tools and data science technologies which comprises machine learning techniques, statistical techniques, etc.

Data security

Securing your data from unwanted or accidental destructions, unknown modifications and always ensuring efficient backup and recovery services in case of data loss.


Providing highly interactive and easy-to-understand reports through our dashboards. The analytics are super easy to understand and manageable.

Our Capabilities

Ezimax Expert work across the Data Platform to AI/ML spectrum with customers to solve their business problems. We have More than 8+ year of experience in data engineering, advanced BI, analytics and AI/ML modeling. We give best problem solution all the way from consulting to AI/ML development including data science services and model deployment into the existing tech stack of clients.

Our target industries

We work with businesses in almost every industry and have not limited us to few industries.

  • Telecom
  • Agriculture
  • Real estate
  • Transportation
  • IT
  • Retail
  • Medicine
  • Communication, media, and entertainment
  • Natural resources
  • Construction
  • Automotive industry.

Why our services?

  • We provide unique yet customizable solutions to tackle data challenges faced by enterprises.
  • Our leading experts work on every stage with professionalism.
  • We design the required solution and keep modifying it till the clients’ business needs are completely satisfied.
  • It is needless to say we make lasting bonds with our clients.
  • Visible outgrowth in the business after working with us.
  • We value our customers’ needs.