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Ezimax Technologies is one of the leading chatbot development company in UK. Our chatbot developer offer highly advanced chatbot development services in London, UK, that can be used in multiple business-like e-commerce chatbot, customer support chatbot, social bots, food, etc. We use technologies like NLP, AI, and ML, to developing highly user-friendly and smart chatbots for your business. All industries are now moving to the chatbot to extend their customer support. Our chatbot development services in UK focus on solving your customers' questions in a personalized way.

What are chatbots?

People thought of automating the customer support which would make it easier for companies to provide efficient 24X7 support without such a hefty investment on two 12 hours shifts of people.

This software than came to be known as chatbots and they provided users with a friendly and well-connected environment where they could easily share and project their issues. Chatbot Development Company in UK has made chatbot app development easier and simple.


Why Need Chatbot for Business?

Businesses noticed the customer support problem and focused on a way to grow to hack this problem, so the idea of developing customer support was born. Customer Support is the people department that is completely focused on connecting with users and understanding any issues they are facing and further helping them to address them.

Chatbots have now made it much easier for companies to synchronize their new learnings and feedback into the system which helps to make the product better. Connect to Chatbot Development company in UK and ask for a quote and choose the best.

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Chatbot services offered by Ezimax technology

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We provide action bots that perform cited action after the user enters inputs and further asks for any other operations to be performed.


Action bots

Zero-Waiting Time

We develop customer bots whose sole task is to respond to customer complaints or inquiries and then further save them in logs.


Customer bots

Customized Experience

We also develop voice-enabled bots which reply to user's calls and also provide them with satisfactory replies.


Voice-enabled bots

Better Customer Service Level

We develop social media bots that connect to clients on social media and reply to their messages.


Social media bots

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